Estate Planning in Pointe Coupee Parish and New Roads, Louisiana

Are You a Resident of Pointe Coupee Parish in need of an Estate Planning Attorney?

Are you looking for an Estate Planning Attorney in New Roads, Louisiana or Pointe Coupee and the surrounding parishes? This is the website of Scott Smith, an Estate Planning Attorney, located in New Roads, Louisiana.

Scott has prepared several informational guides and resources to help you create your Estate Plan. Here are several of the Estate Planning resources available on Scott’s website:

What are Your Estate Planning Needs?

Attorney Scott Smith provides all the following Estate Planning services to residents of New Roads, Pointe Coupee and surrounding parishes:

  • Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Living Wills, Advanced Medical Directives, and Health Care Proxies
  • Trusts, including Living Revocable Trusts, Medicaid Trusts, and even Gun Trusts

Are You a Resident of New Roads or Pointe Coupee Parish in Need of Estate Planning Services? Contact Attorney Scott Smith Today

Feel free to contact Attorney Scott Smith today at the email or phone number provided below:

Do you have a will? Why do Louisiana residents need a will?

Do you have a will? That is, do you have a legal document that conveys your wishes regarding the distribution of your property upon your passing? What about other important considerations like the legal care of your minor children?

But do you really need a will? Do you answer yes to any of the following?

  • Do you care who gets your property if you die?
  • Do you care who gets your money if you die?
  • Do you care who is appointed the guardian of your minor children if you die?

Wills are not just for the rich and wealthy. Regardless of how much or how little money you have, a will ensures your wishes are properly carried out.

Do you own a business? A will helps ensure a smooth legal transition of those assets. A will helps prevent any interruptions to your business.

Do you need a lawyer to write a will in Louisiana?

You might have heard that Louisiana allows the olographic, or handwritten, form of will. This kind may serve in a pinch, but contact a lawyer to avoid falling into common legal pitfalls. This is especially true regarding the taxing of your estate!

Any More Estate Planning or Will-related Questions?

Just call local Pointe Coupee Attorney Scott Smith at 225-718-5334 or email him at

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