Louisiana Long-Term Care Options

How will your family pay for Long Term Care services? Typically, funds for Long-Term Care come from one of these sources: (1) Government, (2) Insurance, and (3) Your Pocket.

People turning 65 have a 70% chance of needing long term care services. And 20% of people turning 65 will need long term care services for more than five years.

We typically see families pass through these stages when families don’t plan for these expenses. Don’t fall into these traps!

Long-Term Care Option #1: The family admits their loved one into a nursing home

The family forks out $6,000 per month. Meanwhile, the nursing home resident across the hall is getting “a free ride.” This makes people bitter about the “system.” 

Long-Term Care Option #2: The family keeps their loved one at home

These days, 24/7 home care costs can total over $10,000 monthly. The family burns through funds even faster.

Of more than 9,000 nursing homes analyzed,  61% were cited for one or more infection-control deficiencies.

Long-Term Care Option #3: The family decides to “take turns” caring for their loved one at home

The family decides to save money by “taking turns” caring for their parent. Typically, the relatives that live closer end up shouldering a greater share of the burden. This also fosters bitterness between siblings.

So, what should you do?

(1) Plan ahead. You have the most options NOW, when people are healthy. Have serious discussions now. Determine who will be your primary care providers. Talk to an estate planning attorney who can help you sort through your options. This will save you money. 

(2) Get help. Your estate planning attorney will help you navigate Louisiana’s rules regarding Medicaid eligibility, explore your long term care insurance options, and prepare and preserve your estate.

(3) Just Do It. Too often, families fall into the “paralysis by analysis” trap. Trying to sort through all the options and all the complexities is bewildering. People throw up their hands, take no action, and put it off for another day. Another day turns into another year.

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