Louisiana Gun Trusts

A loved one’s death may inadvertently pass ownership of federally-regulated guns and accessories to heirs who lack necessary permits. A Louisiana Gun Trust will protect you from hefty fines, gun confiscation, and even the possibility of criminal charges.

What is a Louisiana Gun Trust?

A Louisiana Gun Trust is a legal entity created to own firearms and assist in the acquisition and ownership of National Firearms Act (NFA) weapons. A Louisiana Gun Trust is also an effective way of preserving your firearm collection for future generations.

What are NFA weapons?

NFA weapons include Suppressors, Short-Barreled Rifles, and Machine Guns. 

Here’s a great video, part 1 or 3, to teach you the basics of Gun Trusts. Though it’s made by a Minnesota attorney, much of it is applicable to Louisiana Gun Trusts.

What are the Benefits of establishing a Louisiana Gun Trust?

  • Access: You can name a pool of possessors (Trustees) who can access the items.
  • Inheritance: You can name those whom you wish to inherit the items upon your death, without the extra burden of reapplying for the item through the ATF.
  • Confidentiality: No necessity of filing and recording the trust with the State or Parish Clerk of Court. You also avoid the requirement of obtaining a signature of approval from your local Chief Law Enforcement Officer.
  • Fees: You avoid any ongoing maintenance fees.

How to Establish a Louisiana Gun Trust?

Call or email Scott Smith to establish your NFA Gun Trust for a Flat Fee of $300. 

If you would like, the entire drafting process may be completed by telephone or email. Office visits are also available by appointment. 

We can also provide Notarial Services for your trust documents at no additional charge in Baton Rouge, New Roads, and the surrounding parishes. 

Contact Scott with any questions!

Scott L. Smith, Jr. – Attorney at Law

  • 2006 False River Drive, New Roads, LA 70760
  • 717 Highlandia Drive, Suite 201, Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Call Scott at 225-718-5334 or email him at scottlsmithlaw@gmail.com

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